Advanced Leadership Communication Strategies

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Berkshire Corporate Training Services (BCTS) Leadership Development Programmes help you set goals and visions. Accepting a management position makes you a manager but becoming a leader is much more difficult. It involves setting the right goals, communicating ideas, and delivering results. A leader must be able to prudently influence and inspire others to execute a plan. Organisations and individuals respond to well-articulated visions that are strategic, persuasive, and measurable.

Our Leadership Development Programmes delve into effective decision-making processes, power and influence, altering behaviours, recasting mind-sets, organisational change, personal negotiation styles, and investing in and managing relationships for greater impact.


Advanced Leadership Communication Strategies

Motivate and influence at every level.

You’re already successful as a leader and communicator.  Now you must exercise greater influence, solve bigger problems and drive unprecedented performance improvements. You need to be highly effective at handling your specific challenges as an executive communicator.

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This course is for experienced leaders determined to achieve even greater success at the highest levels of their organisations.