Communication and Interpersonal Skills for Technical Professionals

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If you are looking to enhance the effectiveness of your employee’s communication skills, Berkshire Corporate Training Services (BCTS) should be your first choice partner. We have a wealth of experience in developing communication skills training programmes that have been proven to deliver results.

Whether you are looking to improve interpersonal and presentation skills, perfect business writing techniques or communicate more effectively by telephone or email, we will be able to provide a course to suit your needs.

All our courses dealing with communication skills place emphasis on the full range of communication strategies. Our training consultants will help delegates become comfortable with the most appropriate communication style for them, and through practise they will find the techniques and strategies learned to be highly rewarding. Delegates will learn to identify their individual style, how to adapt it to different situations, and how to listen effectively to build rapport.


Communication and Interpersonal Skills for Technical Professionals

Do you ever wonder why you can’t seem to get through to clients and customers?

This intensive seminar has been carefully tailored to meet your unique needs as a technical professional. You’ll learn to deal with conflict, overcome resistance to new ideas and reach resolution.

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Managers, supervisors and experienced technical professionals seeking to build stronger relationships with clients and customers in their workplaces.