He just wants to have treated the child roughly sometimes

He just wants to have treated the child roughly sometimes

After leaving the hospital on September 22nd, Navalny still needs a longer period of rehabilitation therapy.

The prominent Kremlin critic collapsed on August 20 on a flight from Tomsk in Siberia to Moscow. Two days later, at the insistence of his family and his supporters, he was taken to the Charité University Hospital in Berlin for treatment; Poisoning with a chemical nerve agent from the Novitschok group was found in Germany. Laboratories in France and Sweden confirmed this finding from a Bundeswehr laboratory.

Russia rejects allegations

The Russian government rejects the suspicion that Russian government agencies may have deliberately poisoned Navalny. The case has created considerable tension between Berlin and Moscow. The German government expects the member states to jointly condemn the poison attack on the well-known Russian opposition at the EU summit, which begins on Thursday afternoon.

Chancellor at the bedside: Merkel secretly visited Navalny in the Charité After Navalny was poisoned: Russia accuses Foreign Minister Maas of hostility What is important today: the country needs heroes like her

Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) also showed her support for Navalny by paying a sick visit to him last week.

Sources used: AFP news agency

A police officer from Lower Franconia cheated his seriously ill landlord for around 54,000 euros before his death. On Friday, the Würzburg district court sentenced the 42-year-old to three years and three months’ imprisonment for serious fraud and drug possession (Az: 811 Js 18233/17). The official wants to appeal, as he said shortly after the negotiation of the German press agency.

According to the verdict, the policeman tricked his landlord into thinking that he had to buy drugs and pay bills. The victim, who suffered from severe cancer, trusted him and kept giving him money for months. A clear hoax, argued the prosecutor. The patient had made a complaint himself, but died before he could be questioned in court.

During the trial, the police officer admitted that he had obtained 200 grams of marijuana and about 170 grams of hashish, but denied the allegations of fraud. On the other hand, the presiding judge described exactly which amounts had been handed over, transferred and spent and when. The defense is not on many points "conclusively understandable" been. Documents and receipts that would have exonerated the accused were missing. Although the policeman took care of his sick landlord for months, it couldn’t be explained why he needed so much money. There was no doubt about the guilt. The prosecutor had demanded a total sentence of three years and six months.

Due to its precarious financial situation, the diocese of Würzburg will cease to be responsible for four of the ten educational and conference centers. Around 100 employees could be affected by the upcoming measures in 2021, said Vicar General Jürgen Vorndran on Thursday at a press conference in Würzburg. If the Diocese of Würzburg does not succeed in relinquishing the sponsorship of these four houses, house closings are inevitable.

Fixed-term employment contracts of employees of the institutions concerned could not be extended in the coming year. Socially acceptable solutions are to be found for employees with open-ended employment contracts, such as transferring employment relationships to new providers or partial retirement. Should the planned fallback measures not take effect, redundancies for operational reasons cannot be ruled out.

The Diocesan Caritas Association must also save personnel costs. It was not known how many positions it would be. "Saving personnel costs, however, is only possible with advance notice and maybe even severance payments"said Cathedral Chapter Clemens Bieber, Chairman of the Diocesan Caritas Association.123helpme.me

The annual deficit of the entire diocese of Würzburg is 40.7 million euros in 2019. For the Corona year 2020, the diocese expects a decline in church tax income of ten to 15 million euros. In the coming year, expenditure is to be reduced by around 26 million euros compared to the previous year.

Bishop Franz Jung emphasized that the maintenance of the houses was not synonymous with educational work. "This can and will be continued without maintaining real estate and staff to the same extent." There should be better forecasts in about five years. "We have set ourselves the goal internally of being able to present a balanced budget again by 2025"said Jung.

The diocese of Regensburg also published the annual financial statements for 2019 on Thursday – with a positive annual result of around seven million euros. However, the corona pandemic leads to "drastic losses in sales and thus a higher need for subsidies". What this will mean for the 2020 annual financial statements is not yet foreseeable. The diocese is currently examining all planned expenses.

In Bavaria alone, the Catholic dioceses are assuming a loss of more than 100 million euros in income from church taxes due to the Corona crisis.

Bernhard Trares makes his debut as a coach of the Würzburger Kickers and demands a mix of emotional commitment and coolness from his team. Before the game on Sunday (1.30 p.m. / Sky), the coach asked "Passion, fighting power and the will to win". After seven match days, Lower Franconia are bottom of the 2nd Bundesliga with just one point.

Trares is the third Würzburg coach this season after Michael Schiele and Marco Antwerpen. He hopes that "the guys release all pressure and go into the game with the necessary looseness".

In a short training camp, the 55-year-old Hesse and former Bundesliga professional had prepared the Kickers for the further tasks in the relegation battle. "They were very focused and concentrated. I liked that"reported Trares afterwards. He thinks the squad is qualitatively strong enough for the 2nd Bundesliga.

Trares is about to play his first second division game as head coach. After his active career, he initially worked in the amateur field, for example at FSV Frankfurt and FC Schalke 04, as assistant coach to Bruno Labbadia at Hamburger SV and as coach of third division Waldhof Mannheim.

Würzburg midfielder David Kopacz is optimistic about the task against the former Bundesliga club from Hanover. "We drew new courage in the training camp and grew together even more as a team. That’s why I’m in good spirits. We’ll do everything we can to get three points"he promised.

Public prosecutors and defense have spoken out in favor of several years in prison for child abuse for a former football coach from Lower Franconia. The public prosecutor’s office demanded a youth sentence of seven years and six months for the 21-year-old, as a court spokesman for the Schweinfurt regional court announced on Wednesday. The defense pleaded for six years and six months youth imprisonment.

The defendant is accused of having obtained nude photos of a total of nine members of a Bad Kissingen soccer club between the ages of eleven and 13 years. In addition, he had offended three minors. The former coach admitted in court that he had violated his charges.

The crimes occurred between October 2017 and February 2020. One of the victims confided in his parents – who filed a criminal complaint against the coach. The German has been in custody since February 2020.

Most of the trial took place in camera, as the content touched on intimate details of the accused and the children. The pleadings were also held in a closed session. The verdict is due next Monday (November 30th).

Second division bottom Würzburger Kickers celebrated the first win of the season on the debut of the new coach Bernhard Trares. The Lower Franconia won against Hannover 96 on Sunday 2-1 (0-1). Ridge Munsy (53rd minute) and David Kopacz (74th) turned the game around after being behind by Marvin Ducksch (17th). For the Lower Saxony, where coach Kenan Kocak was absent due to a lumbago, it was the seventh consecutive defeat in the 2nd Bundesliga across all seasons.

Trares is already the third Kickers trainer of the young season. The 55-year-old was signed as successor to Marco Antwerp just under two weeks ago. Trares had to build up his team after the next deficit in the second division. Munsy had steered a header from Ducksch into his own goal.

After Hannover won the cup game between the two opponents 3-2 in September, there was also a competitive duel in the league. Würzburg came back from the break well and Munsy was also involved in the second goal of the game. After some good preparatory work, he finished his second goal of the season. The equalization gave the franc a boost, but the guests were too passive for long stretches. After a quick counterattack, Kopacz made the newcomer’s first win of the season perfect with his first second division goal.

Würzburg (dpa / lni) – Hannover 96 missed their first away win in this second division season again. The Lower Saxony lost on Sunday even at the bottom of the table Würzburger Kickers with 1: 2 (1: 0) and thus conceded the seventh away defeat in a row, if you include the previous season. Marvin Ducksch brought the 96ers into the lead in the 17th minute. But Ridge Munsy (53rd) and David Kopacz (74th) gave the newcomer their first win since his return to the 2nd Bundesliga after the break. Hanover also had to compete without his coach Kenan Kocak, who stayed in the hotel because of a lumbago.

When returning to Würzburg a good two months after the separation, Michael Schiele, the new coach of SV Sandhausen, inflicted a defeat on the Kickers. After the 2: 3 (1: 1) on Sunday afternoon, the situation in Lower Franconia in the 2nd Bundesliga is becoming more and more precarious. The Kickers conceded their eighth loss in ten games. With just four points, Bernhard Trares’ team is seven points behind the relegation rank.

Schiele’s sand houses, on the other hand, celebrated an important victory. The guests from Baden-Württemberg around double goal scorer Daniel Keita-Ruel braced themselves against slipping into the relegation zone.

Matchwinner Keita-Ruel had put the guests in the lead in the 18th minute. Mitja Lotric equalized before the break (42nd). Ivan Paurevic (54th) and Keita-Ruel with his second goal (69th) made the decision in a very weak game with a number of fouls and nicks. The low point for the Kickers was the red card against Ewerton after a bad foul (74th) on Dennis Diekmeier. Daniel Hägele’s kickers goal came too late (88th).

The sand houses also had bad luck with a post hit by Keita-Ruel (24th) and a crossbar hit by Gerrit Nauber (62nd).

The Würzburg basketball trainer Denis Wucherer has criticized the corona-related change in the game plan in the Bundesliga. "I think: we don’t play enough. Those who are healthy have to play more often than just on weekends"said the former international "Süddeutsche Zeitung" (Wednesday).

The Würzburg team lost 61:90 to Hamburg on Sunday, and their next game will not be played against Bamberg until December 3rd. "Even though our whole store is negative"said the 47-year-old. The corona crisis requires "more creative, more spontaneous and more flexible" to be. Usurer said further: "I dread that at some point we’ll have to go into quarantine for two weeks and then play four games in six days."

For usurers the tournament in June in Munich, at which the German champions were determined, was one "Success story. That worked wonderfully." A comparable format is also in mind now. He also reiterated his proposal to suspend relegation because that would "Take the pressure off the boiler at an early stage. Then the teams would be more willing to compete even if two players are in quarantine."

Almost a year after the violent death of a baby in Lower Franconia, the mother described her relationship with the defendant to the Würzburg district court. Her ex-boyfriend was very quick-tempered and temperamental and told her that the baby screaming stressed him out. In the event of a separation, he threatened her that he would let the police take the boy away from her, the 21-year-old said on Monday. The 24-year-old is said to have been rough with the baby at times. She was afraid of the man. The family from the Gemünden area (Main-Spessart district) was looked after by the youth welfare office at the time.

The 24-year-old has had to answer for murder before the district court since October. At the start of the trial, he denied having fatally mistreated the child shortly before Christmas 2019. He had neither hit the eight-month-old baby nor willingly suffocated.

The 24-year-old also dismissed the prosecutor’s allegations that he had mistreated the boy in the weeks before his death. He just wants to have treated the child roughly sometimes. The public prosecutor’s office accuses the German of having mistreated and suffocated the boy with blunt force.

SSV Jahn Regensburg fought for a draw in the friendly against second division rivals SV Darmstadt 98 shortly before the end. The team of coach Mersad Selimbegovic caught up on Wednesday in Würzburg a two-goal deficit and separated from Hessen 3: 3 (1: 2). Aaron Opoku (26th minute), Kaan Caliskaner (75th) and three minutes before the final whistle Jan-Marc Schneider were successful for the Regensburg team. Felix Platte (17th), Mathias Honsak (39th) and Fabian Schnellhardt (47th) scored for Darmstadt, who only lost control of the game in the last 15 minutes.

Veitshöchheim (dpa / lby) – Without an audience and politicians in the hall – the TV show session "Carnival in Franconia" in the Main Franconian Halls of Veitshöchheim will take place with restrictions in the coming year. "The preliminary plans have to be adapted to the changing situation almost daily. And in the end the same applies as with the lottery: All without guarantee!", said Tassilo Forchheimer, studio manager of Bayerischer Rundfunk, during a virtual press conference at the beginning of the carnival season on November 11th at 11:11 am. The station has been broadcasting the foolishness on television since it was first broadcast in 1987.

Despite Corona, the "Carnival in Franconia" will be broadcast on February 5th – for the first time as a recording.