His opponent – a 21-year-old – was arrested.

His opponent – a 21-year-old – was arrested.

On Saturday, Schalke will meet Arminia Bielefeld, on Tuesday they will play in the DFB Cup at SSV Ulm.

The 41-year-old Baum took over the traditional club from David Wagner after the second match day, but was unable to stabilize it. After twelve Bundesliga matchdays, the team only has four points and has slipped to the bottom of the table. The team has been without a win for 28 Bundesliga games. The last success to date was on January 17th with a 2-0 win against Borussia Mönchengladbach. Under Baum, only four draws in ten games, the team most recently lost on Wednesday after a shockingly weak performance with 0-2 against SC Freiburg.

Stevens avoided answering whether he might stay in office beyond Christmas. “Let yourself be surprised,” he said when asked.

According to the responsible association, the museums in Saxony-Anhalt have for the most part got through the summer well – despite or perhaps because of the corona pandemic. “People are not going to museums in Spain or Italy now, but are rediscovering their region again, and the smaller houses also benefit from this,” said the chairman of the “Museum Association of Saxony-Anhalt, Ulf Dräger.” Around 90 percent of the museums in Land are borne by municipalities. So far they haven’t had any problems. “

It looks different with a private sponsorship. “These institutions are dependent on entrance fees and money from events, they have problems.” The increasing number of infections could bring new problems for the houses. In the event of a renewed closure, the state would have to step in with an emergency aid program, as in the spring, demanded Dräger.

The state of Saxony-Anhalt is funding the rehabilitation of tracks and switches in the Bernburg salt works with around 275,000 euros. This is how the transports of the K + S company should continue to work in the future, as the Ministry of Transport in Magdeburg announced on Tuesday. The company is investing a total of around 550,000 euros in the planned renovation. Almost half of the salt products, which are mainly intended for the food industry and agriculture, are delivered by rail.

Last year, K + S had manufactured more than 2.2 million tons of finished products in Bernburg. Around 45 percent were loaded by rail. According to the information, an average of 16,550 bulk wagons leave the plant every year.

A recalcitrant mask refuser (29) initially attacked the public order office and then led the police in Gelsenkirchen to cannabis plants in a plantation tent in his apartment. He received several advertisements.

As the police announced on Friday, the man without a mask first messed with two employees of the public order office the day before and slightly injured an employee. The man was handcuffed by the officers and the police were informed.123helpme.me Since the man continued to be aggressive and had no papers with him, the police drove him over to his home. “As soon as they entered the living quarters, the police noticed a strong smell of marijuana,” the statement said.

The officers found the plantation tent in the kitchen. “Since the man also appeared to be under the influence of drugs, a doctor finally took a blood sample from him in police custody.”

A 34-year-old man was seriously injured by knife wounds in a nocturnal argument in Gelsenkirchen. His opponent – a 21-year-old – was arrested. He was in custody for attempted homicide, the police and prosecutors announced on Monday. The investigators initially did not share what the dispute was about early Saturday morning. A bystander had taken the seriously injured man to the hospital. The doctors had alerted the police in view of the stab wounds. The officers arrested the suspect and another 22-year-old man at the home. The 22-year-old was later released.

Offenders who are mentally ill or addicted to drugs often end up in the penal system instead of jail. The treatment is in the foreground there, less the punishment. But the places in the forensic psychiatry in Saxony-Anhalt are running out. That is why it should be increased.

The reason for the shortage is that courts are assigning more and more perpetrators to the special facilities. Despite extensions, these are reaching their limits. According to the operating company Salus, the facility for mentally ill offenders in Uchtspringe accommodated 284 patients with a bed capacity of 262 at the end of September. In the Bernburg prison, where the capacity is 200, 195 people were treated at the same time as the Salus of the German press Agency in Magdeburg announced.

The country’s psychiatry committee had recently raised awareness of the problem. “Overcrowding is currently emerging again in the penal system,” said Bernhard Maier, a long-time member of the committee. In his view, this makes therapy for the individual more difficult. After all, the offers are tailored to the target number of seats.

The Uchtspringe correctional facility accommodates patients who, due to a mental illness, are not responsible for their acts or are less responsible for their actions and pose a threat to the general public. In Bernburg, addicts are accommodated and treated who have committed offenses because of their alcohol or drug addiction. They should be healed or improved as far as possible in the facilities. This should prevent further criminal offenses.

The Salus operating company points out that the legal framework ensures more instructions. The Federal Constitutional Court made a decision on mentally ill offenders in 2013, which temporarily led to more dismissals. “As a result, more patients had to be discharged for whom this was not yet indicated from a specialist-therapeutic point of view. In the following years this contributed to an increase in relapses and readmissions,” explained a Salus spokeswoman.

For addicts offenders, treatment is no longer limited to two years. Above all, people with a long-standing addiction career and many accompanying symptoms such as personality disorders could now be treated better – but that also requires more time.

The country has reacted to the increasing number of patients. Last year there were 26 places in Uchtspringe and 21 in Bernburg. Additional nurses, psychologists and occupational therapists have been hired, Salus said. And it should go on. State Secretary for Social Affairs Beate Bröcker said: “In the 2021/22 budget, we have planned two large expansions both in Uchtspringe and in Bernburg, each with 30 places, and an occupational therapy building in Bernburg to cope with this situation.”

According to the Salus operating company, a station building with 30 beds is being built in the Uchtspringe prison. On the one hand, the aim is to do justice to the increasing proportion of increasingly immobile patients in need of care. In addition, the increased proportion of particularly aggressive patients who do not understand treatment should be taken into account in a new safety ward. In Bernburg, according to Salus, in addition to expanding the number of beds in the closed penal system, a new building for the open penal system with 30 patient rooms is being built outside the high-security fence.

Sports director Jochen Schneider does not want to deal with a possible relegation of the crisis club FC Schalke 04 and the financial consequences. “It makes no sense today to talk about what if and what would be, especially in a negative case,” Schneider told Sky TV before the Bundesliga game at FC Augsburg on Sunday.

There are two levels. One is the sporty one. “We should use all the time and energy to ensure that we can stay out of the league,” emphasized Schneider and added: “The other level is that, like every club that is in the lower half of the table in February and March , are obliged to do the work that the licensing process requires, be it for the 1st league or the 2nd league. It’s a completely normal process that many clubs have to do every year. Schalke 04 will also do this this season have to do.”

At the same time, Schneider defended the emotional letter to the members and fans in which the club had advertised cohesion during the week. At the same time, the club had demanded fair cooperation. A limit has been crossed, “if individuals are to be proclaimed a bogeyman by name or declared sole culprit,” the letter said. “It was time to say something in this regard. Because doing nothing does not bring anything in the end,” said Schneider, who is sometimes criticized by the supporters. It’s not about him, that is a matter for the supervisory board anyway. “Individual posts or positions are not decisive. It’s about these games that are in front of the chest,” emphasized Schneider

Friedhelm Funkel has apparently moved away from his intention not to want to train a football club after Fortuna Düsseldorf. The 67-year-old now questioned his statement that he only wanted to be retired after leaving Fortuna at the beginning of this year. “I wanted to travel a lot with my wife. But you can’t do anything now,” said Funkel of the “Rheinische Post” (Friday) with a view to the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic. “That also affects my thoughts.”

“Bild” and “Sport Bild” had previously brought up Funkel as a possible new coach for FC Schalke 04. The traditional club without a win this season is the bottom of the table in the Bundesliga before the 13th matchday and is said to have split from Manuel Baum according to media reports. The club did not want to confirm this on Friday.

“Basically I don’t talk about anything I don’t know about,” said Funkel, whose statements were made before the media reports about the possible separation of FC Schalke 04 from Baum. “Now I’m supposed to justify myself for things that haven’t even been brought up to me. It’s all a long way off.”

Funkel was given leave of absence from the then Bundesliga club Fortuna Düsseldorf in January. He had declared several times that he would no longer train a club afterwards.

Schalke soccer professional Mark Uth is making further progress just a few days after his head injury. “He was back in the video analysis for the game against Freiburg today. He makes a good mental and physical impression,” said Schalke coach Manuel Baum on Tuesday.

Uth had suffered a concussion after a bad clash with his opponent in the duel two days earlier with FC Augsburg (2: 2) and was hospitalized. “He was there with a lot of energy and a positive attitude. That helps us all to deal with that,” commented Baum.

How long the 29-year-old offensive player will have to pause, the coach left open. “How things will go on with him is difficult to say. Head injuries shouldn’t be taken lightly.” Despite the great progress made, Baum advised Uth not to visit the stadium on Wednesday (6.30 pm) in the game against Freiburg: “I’d rather tell him to fire us up from home and take a rest.”

Despite all the frustration over the unfortunate goal against the last minute to make it 2-2 in Augsburg, Baum rated his team’s performance as progress: “We don’t allow ourselves to be pulled down by such blows in the neck, we pull ourselves out again.”

The coach of the bottom of the table is in good spirits that the series of 27 Bundesliga games without a win is nearing its end: “We are getting closer to the three-pointers from game to game. From my point of view, the tendency is in the right direction, that it is timely the case will be that we knock over the goat. “

Ahmed Kutucu could remedy the bottleneck on the offensive caused by the failure of Uth. “Ahmed returned to training last week and looks good. He would be an option for the starting XI. He will definitely be in the squad,” said Baum.

Striker Mark Uth from Bundesliga club FC Schalke 04 was released from hospital one day after his bad clash in the match against FC Augsburg (2: 2). “Very good news: Mark Uth can go home after a night of observation in the hospital. The 29-year-old is doing well under the circumstances,” said the bottom of the table on Twitter on Monday afternoon. First, the TV broadcaster Sky Sport News had reported the dismissal.

Uth hit his head on the ground on Sunday after a header duel with FCA defender Felix Uduokhai on landing and suffered a concussion. After minutes of treatment, the 29-year-old was taken from the square on a stretcher and taken to a hospital. From there, Uth had given the all-clear just a few hours after the incident via Instagram: “Good evening everyone. I’m fine.”

Uth’s former coach Markus Gisdol from 1. FC Köln was also relieved on Monday. “I was shocked about Mark Uth’s injury and was glad when he answered my message and said that he was doing well given the circumstances,” said Gisdol. Uth played on loan at 1. FC Köln last season.

With the second coach change in the season, FC Schalke 04 want to prevent the fall into the second division. After only ten games, the Bundesliga club split from coach Manuel Baum on Friday, confirming reports from several media. In the last two games of the year, Schalke’s coach of the century Huub Stevens looks after the team. The 67-year-old Dutchman will sit on the bench against Arminia Bielefeld on Saturday and in the DFB Cup at SSV Ulm on Tuesday. Mike Büskens will support as an assistant trainer.

“The home game against Arminia Bielefeld is of immense importance for our club. The disappointing performance against SC Freiburg showed us that the team needs new impetus to be able to play the game successfully. We trust Huub Stevens and Mike Büskens to do just that to “, sports director Jochen Schneider was quoted in the message. A press conference has been scheduled for 2 p.m.

The 41-year-old Baum took over the traditional club from David Wagner after the second match day, but was unable to stabilize it. After twelve Bundesliga match days of the season, the team only has four points and has slipped to the bottom of the table