How to apply for university admission – Guide

How to apply for university admission – Guide

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The text was prepared by Yulia Timchenko

How to apply for admission to a university – Reference books

In order for you to be enrolled in a university after passing the exam, you need to collect documents and transfer them to the admissions office. This is what will allow you to participate in the competition. “Do Online” analyzed the most popular questions related to papers that are required for admission to a university.

What documents are required for admission to a university?

The list of documents that applicants need usually include:

application; certificate – a document of complete general education (original or copy); passport – original or photocopy, that is, a document that proves your identity and citizenship; 4-6 photographs measuring 3 × 4 cm (black and white or color image on matte paper made this year).

Additionally, other papers may be required:

if you have special rights upon admission (for example, you are an orphan), you can provide the university with the original or a copy of the documents that confirm your status; if you are applying for specialties or areas of training where you need to undergo a medical examination, you will need a medical certificate in the form 086-U or 026-U.

The list of documents in different universities sometimes differs slightly, so check on the website of the educational organization which papers you should collect.

How do you decide how many kits you need?

You need as many kits as the directions (or specialties) you have chosen. Remember that each of your sets of documents are distributed:

for admission to the university itself and its branches (that is, you do not need two different sets for a Moscow university and its branch in St. Petersburg, if the specialty is the same); for various forms of study: full-time, evening, correspondence – within the same specialty or directions (that is, if you don’t care how to study “Management”: in person or in the evening, you will get by with one set); for different profiles of a bachelor’s degree or specialty within one direction of training or one specialty; for paid and budgetary forms of study …

Copies of documents need to be certified only if parents or another representative submit them to the university instead of you. If you are applying yourself, you do not need to certify. 

How many universities can you apply for?

According to the law, each applicant can submit documents to five universities, for three areas of training (specialties) in each. That is, as a maximum, you will need 15 sets of documents.

Where to submit documents?

Documents must be submitted to the admissions office of the university. You can check its address and contacts on the official website of the university. The section is usually called “Admissions Committee”, “Applicants” or “Applicants”.

When to apply?

Universities begin accepting documents for applicants no later than June 20. As for the deadlines for the deadline for admission of documents, they will be different depending on whether the university has its own, additional entrance tests or not.

So, if you are applying only for the exam:

July 26 – the last day of admission documents for admission. July 27 – publication of the lists of applicants on the official website of the university.

If you are applying for the USE and internal exams of the university:

July 7 is the last day for accepting documents for programs where you need to take creative and / or professional exams. July 10 is the last day for accepting documents for programs where you need to take exams in general disciplines, which the university conducts independently (Moscow State University and St. July 11-26 – entrance examinations at the university. July 27 – publication of the lists of applicants on the official website of the university and directly on the notice board in the university building.

How to apply to the university?

You can personally take your documents to the university or send them by mail, through the post office.

Also, some universities accept documents via the Internet. If this form of submission is provided for by the admission rules, the papers can be sent by e-mail or saved in your personal account on the university website.

To clarify whether a particular university accepts documents in electronic form, visit its official website.

What to do with the original of the certificate?

When submitting documents, you will need to take the original of the certificate to the university where you are most targeted. Without the original certificate, you will not be enrolled.

Remember that you have the right to pick up your passport at any time. The date of original submission does not affect the place of the applicant in the ranking.

According to the order of the Ministry of Education and Science, universities are required to return the original certificate to the applicant:

“Before the end of the current working day – in case of filing an application for revocation of documents no later than 2 hours before the end of the working day”; “within the first two hours of the next working day – in case of submission of an application for revocation of documents less than 2 hours before the end of the working day. “

If you gave the original but changed your mind, it is always easier to get it back before the transfer order is issued. To get the original back, you need to submit a written application to the university. 

It should be remembered that universities that do not have enough applicants sometimes delay the issuance of the original certificate. In this case, you will have to argue with the selection committee, referring to the order of the Ministry of Education and Science. However, top universities will not behave like that: they have enough applicants to enroll in 1 course.

The text was prepared by Natalia Kienya

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