• How do I choose the right course?


Look at the course details in the popular courses section. Each course description tells you who the course is suitable for and gives a summary of the course content. You can then decide which is the right one for you.


  • How do I reserve a place on a course?

You can book any of our Programmes in a number of ways:

  • By Telephone: + 4 4 (0) 1753 823 900
  • On the Web: bge-training.com
  • By Email: info@bge-training.com
  • Through a representative. Please call us to find the name of your nearest representative


  • What’s included in the programme fee?
    • Programme Registration
    • Visa Documentation (if needed) – see visa FAQ below
    • Pick up and drop off at Heathrow Airport and transfer to the venue
    • Welcome Pack
    • Reference material and hand-outs for all training sessions
    • Access to the internet for all training days
    • All Programme Materials for your perusal at home – available as a download to your laptop or on a USB stick
    • Overnight accommodation in a modern setting with lunch and light refreshments for all training days. (check your course welcome letter)
  • Do I receive a certificate?

Programme Certificates are issued to delegates who have actively participated and attended all training sessions, showing commitment to increasing their own personal development and progression. A group photo of the whole group on the same Programme will be taken which will be given to you with your certificate at our prestigious final evening Awards Ceremony.

  • How long are your courses?

The shortest courses run for 1 or 2 weeks and the longest course runs for a total of 4 weeks.

  • What is your approach to training?

The key features of our training are: delivery of highly relevant and practical sessions to our participants, ensuring that the learning is transferable to each participant’s own particular situation. We do this through active learning techniques, practical exercises, individual and group discussions and team work. Where more than one person from an organisation attends we ensure that they have time together to build on their learning to maximise the benefits on their return.

Our approach follows these core principles:

  • Learner-centred with a good mix of delivery techniques to encompass all learning styles.
  • Key inputs from expert practitioners in the relevant subject area
  • Field visits to London and the outer regions to relevant organisations to see first-hand the practical implementation of policies, procedures and management systems ‘on the ground’.
  • Can you help with accessing funding?

We suggest that you:

  • Approach your country’s government to establish whether there is a grant system in place to help pay for your course. You may be able to get sponsorship from one of the international agencies if the topic is a focus for development. The Ministry of Education in your own country should be able to tell you about international scholarships or grants for which you may be eligible. In general, international agencies prefer to consider nominations for a course from an employer rather than individual applications.
  • There are also a considerable number of grant giving agencies and trusts which aid particular regions, countries or sectors. They are listed in  ‘The Grants Register 2014’ – The Complete Guide to Postgraduate Funding Worldwide.  There may be a copy of this publication in a good library in your country to help you find out if they have aid programmes, which include training.


  • What should I do if you don’t offer the course I am looking for?

Please ring on + 4 4 (0) 1753 823 900 or email info@www.bge-training.com and your designated country manager will be able to talk through how we can accommodate your needs.


  • What happens if I need to cancel my reservation?



All cancellations must be made in writing and take effect from the date we receive such notice. Delegates will not be refunded any or part of their course or accommodation fees once they have started their course. No refunds will be given for late entry or early departure from a course. BGE-Training does not provide refunds where a visa application is refused due to misleading or wrong information provided by the delegate. If a delegate is required by the immigration authority to leave the UK due to non/poor attendance or due to any breach of law, tuition fees paid will not be refunded. If the delegate has obtained a visa using BGE Group official documents and then decided not to follow the course, fees paid will not be refunded.


Notice Given Prior To Arrival Date Cancellation Charge
61 days or more No Charge (full refund)
31-60 days 50% of the total cost of course
0-30 days 100% total cost of course
After Arrival Date 100% total cost of course


If a delegate’s visa application is refused within the 60 day period prior to the course start date, upon the production of a valid visa refusal letter, BGE-Training will issue a full refund less £200 administration fee. Once refunds are made the applicant loses all rights against BGE-Training.


Refunds will not be given in the following situations:

  • Applicants will not be refunded any or part of their course or accommodation fees once the course has been started
  • If a course participant is dismissed for poor attendance or misconduct
  • If any fraud is detected in the process of applying for the visa
  • If the visa is refused on the basis of a previous visa refusal or any other incorrect/false information submitted on the visa application
  • If an applicant decides not to attend the course due to any reason/reasons after obtaining the visa by using our Visa Support Letter
  • No refunds will be given for late entry or early departure from a course


Can I transfer to another course if I don’t like my course?

It is usually possible to transfer to another programme or a later course, so please call us and we will advise you.


  • What happens if I need to fly home before the course has ended?

If you need to fly home in an emergency we will do our best to help you.

We do not usually accept delegates who cannot attend the full duration of the course programme.

  • Who will be my teacher/learning facilitator?

Each programme has a course co-ordinator who will oversee your learning throughout the duration of your stay. Your programme will consist of a range of visiting speakers who are experts in the field of study.


  • Will I get any breaks during the day?

Each day is constructed as follows:

09.30 – Session 1

11.00 – Break – coffee and tea available

11.15 – Session 2

12.30 – Lunch

13.30 – Session 3

15.15 – Break – coffee and tea available

15.30 – Session 4

16.30 – Private study/tutorials


  • How can I pay the course fee?

You fill the online course registration forms and wait for your acceptance letter which contains our bank details and instructions on how to pay.


Can I pay my course fees in dollars or euros?

Payment must be made in GBP (sterling) and a deposit made by bank transfer to secure your place. For details on how to pay from your country please call on +44 (0) 1753 577664or email to info@www.bge-training.com for further information.


  • What meals are provided?

Breakfast and lunch are provided on course programme days and breakfast at weekends. You will find many local restaurants of different nationalities local to our venue and London is within easy reach by train if you wish to visit after the programme finishes in the late afternoon.


  • How much money should I bring?

We advise that you allocate approximately £50 per day to cover dinner and any travel you may undertake locally or in London. For weekends we suggest a budget of £75 per day. This does not include money for presents to take home or shopping for yourself. Remember these figures purely for guidance purposes.


  • What can I do in the evenings/at weekends?

We encourage delegates to take full advantage of their free time in the evenings and at weekends by visiting London, Slough or Windsor. You may wish to see the famous London sights such as Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square and Big Ben, or visit one of the many museums, art galleries, shopping centres or even see a spectacular West End show. Windsor Castle is the Queen’s weekend residence and is open to visitors.


  • Can I give feedback on the course?

You will be asked to complete an evaluation form at the end of your course and will also asked to give a verbal feedback throughout the course to ensure that you are getting the most out of the programme. You can also give a testimonial at our Awards Ceremony for our website.


  • How do I take course hand-outs home with me?

You will be provided with a papercopy and an electronic copy on USB stick of all course hand-outs.


  • Can I bring my family with me?

You may wish to bring family members with you. Please check with us at booking what the fees will be for additional people and what will be included for them.


  • What is the dress code?

We recommend that you bring smart-casual comfortable clothes, a coat and an umbrella. Our Awards Ceremony on your last evening is a very special occasion for our delegates and staff. You may wish to consider wearing your national dress or smart clothes for this event. Delegates also like to wear smart clothes when going on visits.


  • What will the weather be like during my stay?

The British climate can be very unpredictable, but here’s a rough guide of the weather you can expect throughout the year:

Spring (March – May): Quite unpredictable with a good mixture of sun, rain and cloud. Average temperatures range between 6°C and 15°C. Take a jacket when you go out.

Summer (June – August): Generally sunny with the occasional rainstorm. Temperatures average around 14°C and rarely go above 25°C.

Autumn (September – November): Similar to spring. However it’s not unknown for summer to run well into September or for November to be uncharacteristically cold. So be prepared.

Winter (December – February): Temperatures range between 0 – 7°C, averaging 4°C and it’s normally mild but damp. It rarely freezes or snows, but we would recommend you take a hat and gloves when going out. Warm clothing, umbrellas, waterproof jackets and shoes are advisable during these colder periods.

It is advisable that you pack some warm clothing, umbrellas, and comfortable walking shoes in your luggage. All delegates should bring at least one formal outfit or traditional clothes for the Award Ceremony.

  • Is the cultural visit planned during the programme

Yes. All delegates get cultural and sightseeing visits. Please check your individual package with your course coordinator for further details about the visits.

  • Is there a study visit?

Generally yes and it is closely related to the Programme subject. It will be scheduled in the Programme.

  • What about language?

It is advisable for delegates to have a good level of English language to ensure they can fully participate in the training sessions.

  • Can you tell me more about the venues?

Our centre is based in Slough at Baylis House, Stoke Poges Lane, Slough, Berks SL1 3PB..


  • It is 10minutes away by taxi from Slough station with fast trains to London, Reading and Oxford. A short train ride from Slough will take you to the heart of Windsor.
  • Slough and Windsor both have a large selection of shops and restaurants of many nationalities.
  • All bedrooms have en suite facilities and are very modern and tastefully decorated.
  • It has 24 hour wireless access to the internet
  • Classrooms have all the facilities needed for modern teaching methods.
  • There is a beautiful park for walking and resting right next door.
  • Is food provided?

Breakfast and a lunch will be providedon each classroom based day of your training and a packed lunch provided on a field trip day. You are responsible for your own dinner and for weekend meals other than breakfast. Tea and coffee making facilities are available during the day. Please check your individual package with your course coordinator for further details about the visits.

  • How do I get a visa?

You should check at the time of booking whether you require a visa to enter the UK. You can do this through the website of the British Embassy in your country (or the Embassy of the relevant country where the training Programme will be held). You can also normally obtain information about specific documentation you need to submit to the Embassy. On receipt of your deposit and a written request we will send you a Visa support letter on headed paper, confirming your reservation for the Programme with dates and the purpose of your travel. Collecting the rest of the documentation, submitting it to the Embassy and following the procedure for obtaining a visa is your responsibility. We will send you a helpful document to help you get the documentation right the first time!

(Please read our Visa FAQs for further information)


  • How do I get there?
    You should book a flight to arrive at Heathrow Airport in the afternoon or very early evening of the day before the course programme starts.
  • What happens on my arrival at Heathrow?

You will be met by a BCT representative and taken by taxi or coach to our venue where you will receive a warm welcome from our staff. After registration you will be taken on a short tour around the premises and receive your welcome pack and a presentation from one of our team. We advise you arrive in the afternoon of the day before the programme starts to enable you to settle in. On Day 1 the programme starts at 9.30am.
You will also receive relevant material and a timetable for your chosen programme.

  • Is insurance needed?

We provide a basic level of travel insurance for all delegates as part of the programme fee. However, you may wish to take out your own policy for the duration of your stay.