We promise to provide you with a rounded experience; offering you prestigious accommodation in one of three locations, first class training facilities and an experience of life, history and culture in the UK that will last forever.


We will

  • Provide accurate / updated information and impartial advice relating to courses on offer, including course aims/objectives, assessment, costs, entry qualifications and progression options.
  • Direct the learning experience through competent, trained, qualified and experienced staff.
  • Design and provide interactive learning programmes with ample opportunities for questions, clarification and discussions aimed at better comprehension and enrichment of knowledge.


BGE-Training  – the 5 Cs

Choice             We will provide you with a choice of dates and programmes throughout the year

Culture            Within your programme you will learn about the culture of the UK and have the opportunity to visit historically important sites in London

Challenge       Our trainers will challenge your thinking, your approach and your skills

Combine         Learn about other delegates’ experiences and link them with your own to create new and smarter ways of working

Confidence    Leave the programme confident that you have a raft of new skills to improve your performance in your workplace


Our Promise:

  • Guaranteed Client Satisfaction

From needs analysis conducted through close collaboration with our clients, BGE-Training offers customised solutions that are most appropriate for unique organisational needs. Through customised solutions, clients can choose from a mix of courses to create a plan that best meets their organisational requirements.

Our Quality

ASIC Accreditation:

BGE-Training is proud to be assigned ‘Premier Status’ for Independent Further and Higher Education from ASIC. This accreditation is an independent mark of quality, inspection or review that demonstrates that an institution is a genuine education provider with sound teaching practices, recruitment procedures and progress monitoring of its students.

Accreditation also provides reassurance to the Border and Immigration Agency that the institution meets their requirements and, in general, does not harm the perceived quality of the United Kingdom education provision.


We are confident that our quality provision will enable you to return to your place of work ready to use your new skills and knowledge, energised and refreshed and with the firm knowledge that you can make a difference.