If you are a full time employee/business owner who is facing a barrier to attending Berkshire Global Training Courses we can HELP YOU WITH YOUR COURSE FEE.

Berkshire Global Education Training enjoys a wide-reaching reputation for enabling excellence in the Global education industry.


Berkshire Global Education Training UK in conjunction with the Universal Care Foundation is pleased to announce £100,000 worth of full and partial scholarships for their “8 Day BGE Training UK Leadership Programme” scheduled by paydayloansnow to take place in the United Kingdom.
Delegates who would like to be considered for the BGE Training scholarship programme must meet the eligibility criteria (listed below) in order to have their scholarship application reviewed.


The Berkshire Global Education Training Scholarship Fund is to assist those delegates for whom the programme fee may present an obstruction to their participation. Each year BGE Training awards more than £100,000 of these scholarships towards their summer, winter and spring programmes.
We believe that delegates should not be turned down from any sort of educational opportunities on the basis of their background, finances or country of origin.
The BGE Training scholarship programme is another way in which to live the belief that delegate’s financial position should not stand in the way of their education.


The course is a balanced programme comprising educational tours, recreational activities, visits to top UK Universities, excursions to famous tourist attractions/historical sites, and Communication and Leadership Skills workshops for delegates. The programme is designed to address the intellectual, social, emotional and physical well-being of delegates. The programme has already gained recognition and respect from the world’s leading education providers.
We aim to get in touch with you within 10 working days after the test date with the names of the successful candidates. We send out the “Scholarship Certificates” to the successful candidates via postal services.



Only full time delegates at organisation are eligible for partial or full programme fee scholarships. Scholarship Awards are based on the BGE Training online free scholarship test, academic excellence, demonstrated leadership abilities and evidence that an applicant is highly motivated to attend the programme. BGE Training in consultation with their Director of Education, reserves the right to terminate/ amend/ suspend a scholarship at any time.



  • Must be a full time delegate belong to an organisation.
  • Must attempt the BGE Training online scholarship test 1 and test 2 before the deadline. (Only one attempt allowed)
  • Complete and submit the scholarship registration form in its entirety. Incomplete registration forms will not be considered.
  • BGE Training will announce results within 10 working days of the deadline above.
  • Delegates who win 100% scholarships will be interviewed as the final part of their assessment.

(The full set of our course terms and conditions can be found on our registration forms)


  • Register Online
  • Complete all stages of online test and get instant result
  • BGE Training examiners assesses the results and pass on to BGE Training Scholarship Committee
  • The Scholarship is awarded by BGE Training on the recommendation of the Scholarship Committee


  • Log in to
  • Click on scholarship icon.
  • Click on Sign In
  • Purchase test pin by paying online £10 or request a free scholarship test pin to sit the online test.
  • Once you’ll get the Scholarship test pin Login and ID, Click on scholarship sign in button, new window will open “enter your log in and ID” and follow the instructions to site the online test.