1. Which visa should I apply for?

The type of visa required for delegates is Standard Visitor Visa; Please note that you should not apply for a Tier 4 Student Visa.

To come to the United Kingdom you must be able to show that the applicant:

  • is genuinely seeking entry as standard visitor visa for a limited period not exceeding 6 months ;
  • does not intend to seek private medical treatment during the visit (other than in an emergency);
  • does not intend to take employment in the United Kingdom;
  • can demonstrate that suitable arrangements have been made for travel to and from the United Kingdom and that reception and care in the United Kingdom have been arranged for the duration of the stay;
  1. How do I apply for the visa?

You can apply for your visa up to 3 months before you travel. You should allow 6-12 weeks to ensure you get your visa in time to book flights at a reasonable cost.

As part of your application, you will need to visit the UK visa application Centre in your country


How to apply:

Please use the following address link:


Click on APPLY NOW and complete the details requested.


  1. How do I complete the Application Forms?

First of all, before you do anything you must read the Guidance notes on filling in the Visa application. Then carefully look at the Supporting Documents Checklist on the website to see the list of all required documents.

  • Fill in all the relevant sections carefully as incomplete forms are usually returned by the Embassy.
  1. How do I show that I have sufficient funds?

Delegates need to demonstrate to immigration officials that they have enough funds in their own or in their sponsor’s bank account to cover their entire course fees and the cost of their air ticket. Please note that if the accommodation, daily meals, and airport transfers are included in the course fees, then accounts should be equal or more to the total of the Course Fee and the Air Travel costs.

You should submit ONE of the following as evidence of funds:

  • Your or your sponsor’s bank account statement, showing that the funds are held over the minimum 28 day period and also proof of earnings for your sponsor.
  1. What is the Visa Offer Letter?

BGE-Training will issue the “Visa Offer Letter” once they have received the fee payment for the course. The Offer Letter will contain the following information:

  • Your approved tour and the title
  • Full name of the student
  • Passport number
  • Package Fee
  • Course dates and full details of the accommodation, meals, day trips & activities
  • Airport Transfer


  1. What documents should I bring with me for the appointment?

You must ensure that you only enclose the original documents with your application and not the photocopies. If you need to have the documents translated into English you must take the original and the translation to your appointment,

When you attend your appointment, you should bring:

  • a signed printout of your completed visa application form;
  • your passport, which must be valid for at least 6 months after your date of travel to the UK;
  • your visa application fee;
  • printed confirmation of your online appointment;
  • your supporting documents;
  • any previous passports which show evidence of foreign travel;

Supporting Documents:
• “Visa Support Letter” from BGE-Training
• Your or your sponsor’s bank account statement, showing that the funds are held over the minimum 28 day period and also proof of earnings for your sponsor.
• Your Travel details( Proof of your provisional booking for your air ticket)
• For Activity Programmes only: A headed letter from your School/College/University that they are working in conjunction with BGE-Training towards this Language & Activity Course. This must show the following details of your current course within your current institution: your name, address, course title, course fee, start/finish date. Please note that these details refer to your course in your current institution and does not refer to the details of the course you are attending at Berkshire. Just mention the dates of the Berkshire course.
(Remember, even if your own School, College, or University is not working in conjunction with BGE-Training, you can still ask them to provide you with a letter with your full name, address, Course title, Course fee, start/finish of the course you are currently registered on.)
• All employed applicants including Group Leaders need a letter from their employer to prove that they are employed with the details of their name, address, job start date, job title, and salary etc.
• Your previous qualifications, for example your degrees, certificates etc. (if applicable)
• Your bank receipt or receipt from BGE-Training or from your own school/college to prove that you have already paid the deposit.
(Note: The above list of documents is only for guidance purposes you need to check the information available on the UKBA website to see if there are any additional documents required.)

  1. How long does a visa application take?

Currently the British Embassy is working on 3 to 4 weeks visa processing turn around after attending the appointment at Embassy/Centre. Please note that the time mentioned above is only for guidance and sometimes it may take longer so you should apply for your visa as soon as possible.

  1. How much money should I bring?

For Activity Courses: As everything is included in the price, the only money students need is for any shopping or anything extra they want to spend their money on during their stay with us. We would recommend around £50 to £100 per week.

For Corporate Training: Breakfast and lunch are included on teaching and visit days. You will need enough money for dinner each night and any travel you wish to undertake e.g. to London via train. At weekends breakfast is included so you will need to get your own lunch and dinner. We recommend an average of £25-£50 per day.

  1. Do I need to make arrangements for my own insurance?

You will be pleased to know that BGE-Training Language and Activity Courses and Corporate Training fees automatically include comprehensive travel insurance. You may of course wish to arrange your own insurance policy – just let us know.

  1. Where can I get more advice and information about the Visa Process?

Contact: The UK Border Agency

If you need any assistance from BGE-Training please contact us on:
Phone: + 4 4 (0) 1753 823 900, Email:




All of the above FAQs have been compiled to help and support potential students in the Visa application process. Please note, we do not guarantee nor take any responsibility for the success of your Visa application. It’s strongly recommended that you read the Visa application guidance notes to see if there is any more information or documentation required by the Embassy