“Tailor made solutions for your organisational needs”
We have specialised trainers for delivering Corporate Training who deliver training with great dedication exemplifying our commitment and our philosophy of excellence.There are many corporate training providers in United Kingdom.Why should you choose BGE-Training?

Human capital is your most expensive resource: 

exploit the significant competitive advantage gained as your employees uncover untapped talent, returning to work energised and enthused.

Our training is innovative, responsive and flexible. We specialise in developing courses tailored to meet your organisation’s specific needs, designed to get results within your defined time frame and budget. We draw our participants from across the globe. Each delegate can benefit from the experiences of their counterparts from many different countries adding to the diversity of their knowledge, experience and understanding.

Our delivery style is focused on empowering our delegates to aim higher and achieve more as a result of their time with us. Our trainers are specialists in their field and have first-hand knowledge and experience to pass on to the delegates using participatory and active learning techniques.

Our wide range of training methods includes: presentations, discussions, role plays, individual and group exercises and practical activities. Sessions are outcome focussed and we ensure that all learning styles are catered for. Delegates from the same organisation have the chance to work together to achieve their desired outcomes from the programme as well as working with others from different backgrounds and work roles.

We include field visits as a key part of our programmes enabling delegates to see at first-hand how the implementation of new ideas has had an impact on the success of an organisation.

Throughout your time with us you will have the opportunity for one to one discussions with your trainers to ensure you achieve the maximum benefit from the training programme.

At the end of the programme you will develop an action plan to take back to your workplace to enable you to make appropriate changes and implement your new skills and knowledge.

Your stay:

We at BGE-Training are proud to offer our courses in remarkably prestigious venues across the country. The choice of our course locations creates an unforgettable experiential learning environment, where a fusion of originality, innovation and 300 years of tradition and history produces an educational atmosphere unlike any other.

  • First class training facilities and accommodation in very prestigious and historical mansions. Most of our venues are only a short train ride away from central London.
  • Breakfast and lunch included in the course fee.
  • Pick up from and drop off to Heathrow Airport included in the cost.
  • Field visits to aid your learning
  •  A prestigious course completion awards ceremony with certificates, prizes and dinner.

Ten Good Reasons to choose BGE-Training:

There are many training providers in UK. Why should you choose BGE-Training?

  1. We strive to solve, not just train:

We go to great lengths to understand each client’s needs and issues and design our training to address them. This can entail special research, tailoring or redesigning training materials and methods, and even producing videos to help teach specialised skills.

  1. Inspiration:

Our training inspires people to aim for higher personal standards. Delegates can apply the practical skills learnt immediately to their everyday work. Unlike training from many providers, it develops both the will to change and the skills to make it happen, with exceptional results.

  1. Customised to your needs:

Our priority is to understand your needs and issues and to design a customised approach to address them. Research and discussion enables us to tailor a programme especially for you using relevant and customised training materials and methods.Our ability to respond creatively to your exact needs enhances the value of our training.

  1. Lasting results:

Changing behaviour through training is a process, not an event. Step-by-step learning and reinforcement activities promote long-term, positive change – both in individuals and throughout entire organisations.

  1. Focus on skills:

Our trainers teach practical, down-to-earth skills that help solve real work challenges and issues. Simulations of real work challenges enable participants to practice new skills in a safe environment so they can start applying them as soon as they get back to work.

  1. Active learning:

Our trainers use participative training techniques, making use of the delegates past experience, creativity and potential to drive the learning process. As a result, our training provides an empowering and transformational experience through which they discover new personal strengths and grow in confidence.

  1. Local knowledge, Global expertise

Due to our worldwide expertise: our training concepts, approach, materials, and methods are all developed and delivered in a way that they are appropriate to the cultures and needs of all learners. Our training programmes have been well-received and proved to be highly effective across the world.

  1. Cost effectiveness:

Because we are an independent organisation, we don’t pay royalties to any parent company. This translates into competitive rates compared to those of many global training companies operating in the UK – for top quality training and excellent results.

  1. Focus on the learner:

We keep our training group sizes small to enable trainers to give individual attention to each participant. Trainers listen to and understand each individual and their needs enabling the trainer to provide the support and encouragement needed to maximize learning.

  1. Fun and motivation:

Participants enjoy our training programmes so much that they return to work re-energized and highly motivated to make good use of their new skills.