Their information was checked, among other things, by the statements of another witness.

Their information was checked, among other things, by the statements of another witness.

Merkel, Obama and Queen Elizabeth II are also there. Real danger or just a tasteless joke? Just a few hours after the celebrations to commemorate the victims of the terrorist attacks, two abandoned backpacks stand at the finish line of the Boston Marathon.

Fear returns to the city. Exactly 20 years after the genocide in Rwanda, 30,000 people gather in the largest stadium in the country. The event is not just a memorial – it is also an indictment against Europeans.

By Charlotte Zink, Kigali Exactly 69 years ago the Soviets liberated the Auschwitz extermination camp. Ex-prisoners who are still alive come back every year, and every year there are fewer – the political slogans are all the more harsh today. By Jens Twiehaus, Oświęcim (Auschwitz) 69 years after the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau, more than 60 Israeli parliamentarians visit the former German extermination camp – and commemorate the at least 1.1 million Jews who were murdered there.

It is actually Nelson Mandela’s day. Dozens of statesmen commemorate the national hero of South Africa. But two of them pay special attention: the presidents of the United States and Cuba, who have met in a friendly manner in a way that they have not met in decades. “During a night watch, Jenny Böken went overboard in 2008 and drowned ) During a night watch, the cadet Jenny Böken falls from the training ship “Gorch Fock” in the North Sea and drowns. The parents do not believe in an accident and try to reopen the investigation.

But now the authorities are putting the case on file again. The Kiel public prosecutor’s office, which was reopened in June, suspended the investigation into the death of the naval cadet Jenny Böken on board the training ship “Gorch Fock” more than ten years ago. The authority announced that there were contradictions when checking statements by a witness. The statements of the woman are therefore “not credible” according to the consensus of the public prosecutor and the murder commission of the Kiel police. For this reason, there was also a lack of sufficient evidence to continue the death investigation, it said.

The officer candidate Böken, who came from North Rhine-Westphalia, fell from the “Gorch Fock” into the North Sea and drowned during a night watch under unexplained circumstances. The investigators assume an accident, in 2009 they put the case on file. The parents doubt the version of the accident and tried to reopen the investigation. After the appearance of a suspected witness, they reopened the investigation into the death of the case in June. According to the Kiel public prosecutor’s office, the statements of the witness were about events during an alleged farewell party in North Rhine-Westphalia that “could have justified a motive for a homicide “. Their information was checked, among other things, by the statements of another witness.

“Facts emerged that clearly contradicted the statements of the witness in question,” it said. When the proceedings were reopened in June, the Schleswig-Holstein authorities had announced that the statements made by the witness in question were “essentially based on hearsay “. According to information provided at the time, it was a female soldier in the German Armed Forces, but she was neither part of the navy nor the crew of the “Gorch Fock”. Source:, jpe / AFP “Two tugs transport the hull of the” Gorch Fock “to the shipyard (Photo: dpa) Two days ago it became known that the “Gorch Fock” is to set sail again next year as a training ship for the German armed forces. Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen had decided to refurbish the ship despite the enormous cost explosion continue.

Today the semi-renovated naval training ship was towed from Bremerhaven towards Berne on the Lower Weser. It is to be moored in the Fassmer shipyard in order to be further refurbished there. The training ship is hardly recognizable: the hull is little more than an empty steel hull. Masts and superstructures are missing. A truly sad sight. Source: “The Gorch Fock at sea.

This sight will probably only be seen again in a year. (Photo: dpa) Since the end of 2015, the “Gorch Fock” has been spending more time on dry land than on water. The restoration of the navy’s sailing ship is now finally being continued. The Lürssen shipyard is to make the ship seaworthy again by 2020. For half a nautical mile, the naval training ship “Gorch Fock” had water under its keel again.

The hull of the traditional sailor was towed in Berne on the Lower Weser from the Fassmer shipyard to the premises of the Lürssen shipyard. The experienced naval shipbuilder Lürssen took on the obligation to bring the expensive refurbishment of the “Gorch Fock” to a good end by autumn 2020. “This is another step in the right direction,” said Captain Niels Brandt, before taking on the approximately 900 Meter-long journey down the Weser on board. With the short towing trip, Lürssen finally took over the insolvent Elsflether shipyard, which had the general contract to renovate the “Gorch Fock”. The Elsflether shipyard’s creditors’ committee also approved the transfer of operations, said the general agent Tobias Brinkmann: “We are pleased that we have got a very strong partner. ” Approval for the deal also came from the Ministry of Defense, for which Lürssen is currently building five new corvettes. Only the hull of the pride of the Navy is currently intact. (Photo: picture alliance / dpa) Since the end of 2015, the “Gorch Fock” has had the most of the time spent on dry land. During this time, the general overhaul of the three-master has turned into a debacle for the Navy and the Elsflether shipyard. Because the ship was ailing than expected, the costs ran from the planned 10 million euros to 135 million euros.

At times there was even a scrapping of the “Gorch Fock” in the room. In addition, the former management of the Elsflether shipyard invested millions of euros in dubious ancillary business. It was only when a new line came in and the bankruptcy began that the former Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen regained the confidence to continue the construction. The German Navy does not want to let go of the 61-year-old Bark, on which they train their officer candidates. The Lürssen Group called the purchase of Elsflether Werft an “addition to our repair portfolio of smaller marine units”. 130 employees and fixed assets in Elsfleth were taken over for an officially unconfirmed price of 3.57 million euros. The shipyard, however, remains with Elsflether Werft AG – as does the mountain of debt and the task of raising money for the creditors.

Claims of more than 50 million euros are currently registered, said Brinkmann. But these still have to be checked. Shipyard director Axel Birk reckoned that the search for the missing money would take until early summer 2020, and the Osnabrück public prosecutor’s office is also looking for the millions. She is investigating suspected infidelity against the two ex-board members of the Elsflether shipyard. There is also a case against a civilian employee of the Navy for corruption.

There are other accused, but for tactical reasons, no information was given, said public prosecutor Christian Bagung. Source:, mba / dpa “The repair of the” Gorch Fock “should actually be completed shortly before Christmas 2020. But all around the sailing training ship there is now another negative episode. Apparently there are again complications with the completion of the “Gorch Fock”. (Photo: imago images / Source: “The marine sailing training ship” Gorch Fock “is currently lying in a dock of the Bredo shipyard (Photo: picture alliance / dpa) The fate of the “Gorch Fock” remains uncertain. Actually, the sailing training ship of the Navy should be launched on Friday. But the shipyard demands money from the Ministry of Defense.

The attempt to force a surrender in an urgent procedure fails. From the dock to the mill of justice: In the dispute over unpaid bills for the reorganization of the marine sailor “Gorch Fock” that got out of hand, there will be no solution in an urgent procedure. The Bremen Regional Court rejected an application by the Defense Ministry for an injunction against the Bredo shipyard. This has taken the newly built hull as a deposit and demands 5.1 million partial payment. Otherwise, she doesn’t want to let the ship back into the water on Friday as planned.

The ministry demanded the surrender of the ship. The Federal Republic of Germany’s application for an interim injunction was rejected because it was aimed at an anticipation of the decision in the main proceedings, which was ultimately inadmissible, ruled the Bremen Regional Court. A provisional satisfaction is only possible in exceptional cases in the case of surrender claims, “for example in the case of a threat to existence or inevitable, unacceptable disadvantages, for which, however, there were no indications in the present case”. This means a setback for the Defense Ministry, even if the case itself has not yet been decided. “We have taken note of the decision that the district court does not recognize the urgency of the matter,” said a spokesman. “We had submitted this application at such short notice in order to undock the ‘Gorch Fock’ in accordance with the contract on 21.

June 2019. The next steps will be decided quickly. “Will the newly built hull, which was supposed to be put back into the water for the first time in a matt green protective coating, now remain in the dock? The ministry had recently ruled out that after the insolvency of the contractor Elsflether Werft AG and An agreement on how to proceed will now give direct payments from the federal government to subcontractors, especially since other contractors are also waiting for payments from Elsflether Werft. The day before, Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen asked for understanding “that we will still be working hard until Friday “Instead of ten million euros, more than 70 million euros have already been spent on the” Gorch Fock “.

The final sum is expected to be 135 million euros. The debacle concerns the public prosecutor’s office as well as several courts and is politically a burden for von der Leyen. At the Bredo shipyard, officially Bredo Dry Docks, the “Gorch Fock” has been in dock for more than three years. According to its own information, the shipyard is sitting on outstanding invoices of 10.5 million euros for this order alone. To avert bankruptcy, the shareholders shot in several million at the end of May.

Managing director Dirk Harms demands money from the federal government, otherwise the refurbished hull will stay with him in the dock. The insolvent Elsflether shipyard, however, is currently unable to settle the Bredo shipyard’s claim. The new shipyard management is still looking for the money that has been lost under the old management, said CEO Axel Birk. The Elsflether shipyard has the private assets of the two ex-board members confiscated, but it is not yet in the cash register. Birk has little else in hand, including a commercial property in Brake.

The Elsflether shipyard itself is advertised for sale. The claims against Elsflether have risen again by a good 16 million euros, which the federal government is asserting. It is a system of double invoices. Internal documents suggest that the shipyard received the full amount of the invoice from the Navy for the services of suppliers.

The subcontractors themselves were later fobbed off with 15 percent less. They did this in order to be involved in the orders. The federal government is demanding these discounts back; and that is “in principle justified,” as Birk says. It just doesn’t make his “work easier”. Source:, Carsten Hoffmann and Friedemann Kohler, dpa “” “This is how the pride of the German navy should look again in the future: the” Gorch Fock “under sail (archive image). (Photo : dpa) Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen gives the green light for further construction of the sailing training ship “Gorch Fock”.

The aim is to complete the navy ship by autumn 2020 within the agreed budget, according to the ministry. The Bundeswehr is to get its old sailing training ship back renovated: Federal Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen has decided to continue work on the “Gorch Jib “decided. The aim is to have the sailing ship completed by autumn 2020, according to the ministry. The work should remain “within the agreed budget”. The agreed upper limit was 128 million euros, with a further 7 million euros for equipment.

The renovated hull of the ship was lowered into the water on Friday after three years of construction. He then passed the first tests, said a spokesman for the ministry. On Tuesday, members of the Bundestag were also informed of the state of affairs.

The cost of renovating the 81-meter-long ship had gotten completely out of hand. Instead of ten million euros, more than 70 million euros have been spent. Then total costs of 135 million euros were set as an upper limit. The opposition then reiterated their criticism of the ship renovation. “The redevelopment was pushed through without consideration for losses and without reason,” explained the Green defense expert Tobias Lindner. “The fact that the release of the ship’s hull, which can barely swim, is being celebrated as a success in the ministry, shows the full extent of the disaster surrounding the ‘Gorch Fock’.” “With today’s undocking of the ‘Gorch Fock’, the tragedy over the grave of millions of ailing sail training ship of the Navy is not over, it is only one stage richer.” He called for the “Gorch Fock” to be decommissioned before “more millions are sunk in it”. The Elsflether shipyard, which has the general contract, has been insolvent since February.

There the former shipyard management had put money from the Navy into dubious ancillary business. The public prosecutor’s office is investigating the business conduct of the two ex-board members. Several courts are also dealing with the debacle. Source:, mmo / dpa “News and information at a glance.

Collection of articles from on the subject of Groupe Bruxelles Lambert “Bertelsmann sees itself prepared for a billion-dollar buyback of the 25 percent stake that the investor GBL holds in the Gütersloh group. The company’s management board is prepared for the Groupe Bruxelles Lambert (GBL) will be able to request a stock exchange listing of its share from Tuesday, Bertelsmann announced on Monday after the company’s general meeting.