Wednesday is no longer a public holiday in the USA

Wednesday is no longer a public holiday in the USA

To care for their offspring, the animals have an extra layer of skin that their young peel off and eat, as the San Diego Zoo explains. In giving his children high positions in the White House, Donald Trump is pursuing a similar strategy of rearing, argues Bell.

Attention should serve to protect the sneak amphibian

So the name "Dermophis donaldtrumpi" is officially recognized, it has to be approved by a commission of experts. The endangered species could actually benefit from its special name: The $ 25,000 EnviroBuild paid at the auction is said to be used to protect the sneaking amphibian. "As an amphibian, it is extremely sensitive to the effects of climate change and is therefore threatened with extinction – as a direct result of the climate policy of its namesake"wrote Bell.

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Moth and caterpillar named after Donald Trump

It’s not the first special animal named after the US president. "Neopalpa donaldtrumpi" Canadian entomologist Vazrick Nazari called a newly discovered species of moth. Yellowish-white scales on the moth’s head reminded him of Trump’s hairstyle and gave him the idea, writes Nazari in the specialist magazine "ZooKeys".

Previously – this time not officially – a very hairy caterpillar was already online as "Donald Trump caterpillar" or "Trumpapillar", so as "Donald Trump caterpillar", famous.

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Donald Trump has barely announced the withdrawal of US soldiers from Syria than the next possible U-turn is in the room. This time in Afghanistan. The allies are unsettled.

"Medal parade" in the northern Afghan camp of Camp Marmal: Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen honors soldiers who have shown up for their services to the stabilization of the country, and two young officers are solemnly promoted. Military helicopters creaked all night long. The minister said in her speech that the mission is on the right track, but: "We are still a long way from reaching our goal."

That was a week ago, during the CDU politician’s Christmas visit to the base of around 1,000 armed forces, which is east of the city of Mazar-i-Sharif. Then US President Donald Trump announced the withdrawal of his soldiers from Syria without consultation. The fact that the American side is also about to withdraw around 7,000 soldiers from Afghanistan – around half of the US troops there – is causing uncertainty about the operation in the Hindu Kush. Because Afghanistan is going through a critical phase. The Taliban have grown rapidly and the Islamic State (IS) terrorist militia are carrying out bloody attacks.

"Strategic stalemate" or "Back and forth"

The armed forces at Camp Marmal are part of the mission "Resolute support", with which NATO and allied states train Afghan security forces. The number of foreign soldiers had recently been increased to around 16,000 soldiers. Political and military pressure is intended to bring the radical Islamists to direct peace talks with the government in Kabul after 17 years of international military operations.

The Germans in the north of the country want government forces to regain and maintain the initiative. These act too statically and are therefore vulnerable: 60 percent of those killed die at checkpoints, only 38 percent during mobile operations. On the other hand, the insurgents themselves are increasingly using special forces that have night fighting capabilities. After several serious attacks by the Taliban in recent weeks, Afghanistan has now swapped the defense minister and the interior minister.essay topics on artificial intelligence The location is sometimes called "strategic stalemate", times as a "Back and forth" described.

"The minister was still on site in Afghanistan at the beginning of the week, saw very highly committed US troops and also spoke to those responsible there"says a spokesman for the Defense Ministry in Berlin. "One thing is clear: the Afghan security forces will continue to need support. And now that talks with the Taliban are under way, it is important that the coalition is reliable and shows steadfastness."

USA play a central role

Von der Leyen demands clarification from the USA about the further course. Because Trump’s lonely decisions hang like a sword of Damocles over the peace efforts. Western military officials have identified at least five different blocs within the Taliban. It’s about encouraging peace-ready forces. Trust is an important currency here, because if it escalates, violence could also be directed against those willing to compromise. And hardliners are put under military pressure. For several weeks, high-ranking Taliban commanders have been targeted. The USA plays a special role as the backbone of the mission.

In terms of political efforts, too, it is a US diplomat who is driving everything forward: the special envoy for reconciliation in Afghanistan, Zalmay Khalilzad. Since his appointment at the beginning of September, he has been running an intensive travel program in the region, sometimes visiting two countries in one day. Afghan officials say he will have time until the end of April to present progress to resolve the conflict.

Most recently, his statements gave cause for ever greater confidence. The fourth round of face-to-face talks between US diplomats and Taliban representatives in Abu Dhabi last week was described as the most substantial to date. Khalilzad, otherwise rather tight-lipped, even turned himself on to two Afghan TV channels. There is progress, he said.

The order must be clarified

The Arab partners who took part in the talks have proposed a three-month ceasefire, according to Khalilzad. During this time, the Taliban could clarify political issues with the Afghan government. The Islamists wanted to consult with their leadership about the proposal and then continue talks with the United States. They continue to steer clear of the Afghan government. She is increasingly disgruntled, she feels excluded from everything.

The Islamists want to continue to clarify security-related issues with the US alone. According to Khalilzad, the red line in the negotiations for the Taliban is still the presence of international troops. Here the Americans seem ready to make concessions. "When the terrorist threat is resolved, the US will not seek a permanent military presence in Afghanistan"Khalilzad told Afghan broadcaster Tolo TV.

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So far, however, the sequence has been adopted: first peace treaty, then withdrawal. Whether Khalilzad was just as surprised by reports of Trump’s possible partial withdrawal of US soldiers on that cool Friday morning as the Afghan government in Kabul, can only be speculated. Just like about his reaction to the fact that he would be robbed of his greatest leverage in the talks.

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Obama had brought him into office – now the special envoy for the anti-IS fight, Brett McGurk, is stepping down. US President Trump then ridiculed him. 

US President Donald Trump has confirmed the resignation of the US special envoy for the anti-IS coalition – and combined this with some ridicule for Brett McGurk. McGurk should only have stayed at his post until February anyway and have now announced his withdrawal shortly before, Trump wrote on Twitter on Saturday evening. The "Fake news"-Media made a big deal of this "void" Event, he lamented. He doesn’t even know McGurk, who was installed by ex-President Barack Obama. "Busybody?", wrote Trump.

McGurk was the US special envoy for the fight against the terrorist militia Islamic State (IS). The decision to resign was announced three days after US President Donald Trump’s surprise announcement that he would withdraw all 2,000 US soldiers from Syria – and it has to do with it.

Trump’s announcement on Wednesday met with incomprehension among allies in the fight against IS and is also highly controversial in the USA. The next day, US Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis announced his resignation for the end of February. "You have the right to a defense minister whose views are more in line with yours"Mattis wrote to Trump, but did not specifically address the US withdrawal from Syria.

McGurk was apparently frustrated with Trump’s withdrawal

McGurk was frustrated with the Syria decision, reports CNN, citing an unspecified source. McGurk thought the decision was reckless and was unable to justify and execute it. Mattis’ resignation also played a role in the decision. 

McGurk described his motivations in an email to his colleagues, reports the "New York Times". Trump’s decision was a shock, he writes there. He could not carry out the new instructions without losing his integrity.

Just days before Trump justified the complete withdrawal from Syria with a victory over IS, McGurk had said that no one was looking to fight the jihadist militia from one "accomplished mission" speak. 

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 McGurk had been appointed US special envoy to the international military alliance against IS by Trump’s Democratic predecessor Barack Obama. Trump had left him on the post. 

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US President Trump desperately wants a wall. He thinks the government employees who are under the "Shut down" suffer, would understand. It doesn’t look like that.

In the dispute with the opposition Democrats, US President Donald Trump insists on a border wall with Mexico and therefore does not see a quick end to the partial standstill of government business for the time being. He could not say when the so-called shutdown will be over, said Trump on Tuesday in Washington. There could be no end if there wasn’t a wall on the border with Mexico. Criminals, illegals and drugs are not allowed to enter the country. "The only thing stopping that is a wall." Government officials are dissatisfied with the hanging game.

The dispute between Trump and the Democrats had partially paralyzed government business in the United States. A budget freeze for parts of the US government came into effect at the weekend because no new budget law had been passed for several federal ministries by that time. Trump had refused to sign a budget law if it did not provide money for the border wall with Mexico that he had long called for. He asked for five billion dollars for it. However, there was no majority for this in the US Congress. The Democrats reject Trump’s call for a border wall.

Trump expressed anger at the resistance. "It’s a shame what is happening in our country." Intensive negotiations have been going on for days about how many budget funds should flow into border security. The White House has already made it clear that Trump is not insisting on his five billion demand. So far, the positions of the negotiators are still far apart. A quick agreement is not in sight. According to the White House, the "Shut down" drag on into the new year.

"Only the Democrats are against it"

Government employees in several departments have already felt the consequences: Hundreds of thousands of them are condemned to compulsory leave or have to work without a salary. About a quarter of the government apparatus are affected. A longer-term budget was approved for several ministries in September. Should the "Shut down" last longer, the wider population is likely to suffer the consequences – for example because applications remain in the authorities or public institutions could close.

Over the weekend and the Christmas holidays, the effects were not so clearly noticeable, but that should change from Wednesday. Wednesday is no longer a public holiday in the USA.

Trump said of the government officials concerned: "I think they understand what is happening." These employees wanted border security, the entire population wanted that. Only the Democrats were against it.

A large union, which claims to represent 150,000 employees in various ministries and federal authorities, complained bitterly about the standstill and showed little understanding for the political dispute: A survey of members showed that the "Shut down" trigger financial stress for many and cause great uncertainty. Union leader Tony Reardon said many government officials are very upset that they are personally paying the price for others’ failures.

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Trump does not want to give up without money for his central election campaign promise – the construction of a border wall – but does not want to give up. On Christmas Eve, he announced on Twitter that he had awarded a contract to build another 115 miles (185 kilometers) wall in Texas. He didn’t give any details. "We are already building and renovating many parts of the wall, some are already finished"wrote the US President. On Tuesday he also emphasized that while the dispute over financing was still ongoing, construction had long been underway elsewhere. In January he wants to go to the border and find out about the progress there.